General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions govern the agreements between the client and Bouncy Buddies. The GTC come into force with the conclusion of the care contract between the client and Bouncy Buddies. Changes and adjustments to the GTC will be communicated to the client in good time. The terms used herein such as “client”, “keeper” and “owner” are identical with “owner”.

Your dog spends the day with us in our kennel at Isenrietstrasse 3, 8617 Mönchaltorf, with exercise and walks in a pack. In order to diversify the walks, we reserve the right to go for walks in other places outside the immediate vicinity of the kennel. Your dog is free to roam both indoors and in the large, fenced-in outdoor area.

General rules Your dog must have basic obedience and social behaviour towards people and other dogs.
At least one trial day of your dog with us in the pack is compulsory, Bouncy Buddies will then decide on the definite acceptance of the dog or its exclusion. If it is not possible to integrate the dog into the pack, Bouncy Buddies may terminate the care. Should aggression or antisocial behaviour occur in the dog, this can also lead to the termination of the care by Bouncy Buddies.

The registration form must be completed by the client and returned to Bouncy Buddies prior to the start of the care.

Duties Bouncy Buddies Dog Walking & Care is committed to providing a species-appropriate and professional stay for your charge and to comply with animal welfare regulations.

We consistently use robidog bags and pay attention to considerate treatment of nature. Peaceful interaction with other people and dog owners is also very important to us.

Health conditions The owner of the dog assures that the dog to be taken care of is chipped, registered, healthy, dewormed, free of contagious diseases and vaccinated. A copy of the vaccination card/pet passport must be provided. The owner agrees to inform Bouncy Buddies in writing of any allergies or known illnesses.

For overnight stays, the original passport/pet pass must be left at the Bouncy Buddies shelter, this is a requirement of the Zürich Veterinary Office.

Liability We take care that your dog is well looked after during his stay with us and assure you of professional, careful and loving care. Your dog lives with us together with several other dogs. As in a children’s playground, injuries and accidents in a pack of dogs can never be completely ruled out, even with the best supervision. There is a residual risk of biting, injury, accidents, dog running away and even dog death while in our care. Bouncy Buddies accepts no liability for this. Living with other dogs also exposes your pet to an increased risk of contracting diseases such as coughs/sniffles, conjunctivitis etc. Should health problems arise, we will immediately provide the dog with the necessary veterinary treatment, if required. Any veterinary costs will be charged to the pet owner. The owner warrants that they have personal liability insurance with sufficient cover for their dog. If Bouncy Buddies suffers damage to property and/or personal injury as a result of the dog’s behaviour and it transpires that no such insurance has been taken out or that the insurance company does not provide cover, then the owner of the dog is liable to pay compensation for the entire damage incurred. The same applies if Bouncy Buddies’ boarding dog causes damage to property and/or personal injury to third parties. In these cases, the owner of the dog is obliged to indemnify Bouncy Buddies against all claims.

Puppies Puppies are accepted in a pack from the 12th week of life (basic immunisation required). There is an additional charge of CHF 20 per day until they are 6 months old.

Intact bitches / bitches in heat Our clients are requested to keep their bitches at home during their heat. If a bitch unexpectedly comes into heat during her stay with us, a surcharge of CHF 25 per day will be made for the additional expense. The bitch will then be kept separate from the pack in the sanctuary. However, Bouncy Buddies accepts no liability in the event of a mating.

Intact males Intact males are only accepted into our pack if they are not older than 8 months.

Prices The prices listed on the Bouncy Buddies homepage ( apply.
Any price changes will be communicated to customers in good time.

Payment Invoices will be emailed at the end of each month and are payable within 10 days.

Cancellation of day care If a booked day care is cancelled later than 48 hours before the agreed date, the day will be charged in full.

Cancellation holiday care Cancellation of the reservation up to 1 month before the start of the contract: 50% of the agreed fee.
Cancellation of the reservation up to 3 weeks before the start of the contract: 70% of the agreed fee.
Cancellation of the reservation up to 2 weeks before the start of the contract: 80% of the agreed fee.
Withdrawal of the reservation from 2 weeks before the start of the contract: 100% of the agreed fee.

In the event that the dog is not collected within a period of 3 days, calculated from the expiry of the agreed boarding time, a surcharge of 50% of the daily boarding costs per day will be added. 14 days after the end of the boarding period, Bouncy Buddies is authorised to rehome the dog or hand it over to an animal shelter.

The place of jurisdiction is exclusively at the domicile of the company headquarters in Switzerland. Swiss law is exclusively applicable.

Mönchaltorf, November 2020